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Dr. Greg is AMAZING. My family has gone to see him for years. He pointed out a 20 year injury (dating the exact year) and its damage to my dad during his first evaluation- without knowing anything about him. He has also helped other family members with their scoliosis, arthritis, digestive issues and SO much more. He's friendly, honest and VERY good at what he does. I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone. =)

Chiropractors Turlock
Brittany N.

Dr Greg is easily the best chiropractor I've been to. I suffered from severe headaches my entire life and he has been the only Chiro to figure out what was wrong and FIX it! No more chronic headaches. He treats my whole family and great with the little kids... We are very happy with him.

Turlock Chiropractor
Shanaynay V.

Dr. Jones is the finest chiropractor I have ever known. His knowledge and experience combine to bring the human body back to a place where it will heal and normalize. If there's any hope to avoid the surgeon's blade, Dr Jones can bring you through it.

Chiropractor Turlock CA
Darryl Cully

This is the best place in town. Affordable prices and you walk out of there feeling amazing. Friendly staff is always there to greet you with a smile on their faces and they remember people on a first name basis before even signing in. Highly recommend them.

Chiropractor Turlock CA
Bobbie Avena

Dr. Jones is one of a kind for this area. I have seen chiros my entire life, as well as my father has, and Dr. Jones is the best. He is fluent in many different methods and techniques so he has an ability to help everyone. Initially, he helped my daughter immensely! She was only a few weeks old and she would not sleep, eat, or poop. Poor thing was up almost all night. I brought her in to Dr. Jones and he adjusted her ever so slightly. She immediately pooped, relaxed, and fell asleep within 3 minutes. She was finally relieved!! Since then, me and both of my children have been getting adjusted weekly. My kids are rarely sick, rarely in pain, and rarely get migraines. Aside from my kids, I have suffered from sciatica for almost 7 years, and migraines for 20, and Dr. Jones helped me get a handle on both of my major issues. Thanks Dr. Jones! P.S the office staff is incredible! Crystal and Hanna are so polite and so sweet! They take time to get to know all of their patients personally, and they are sooooooo wonderful with kids!! Highly recommend these incredible people!!

Chiropractor Turlock CA
Kayla L.

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